The International Garden of Wychwood Barnes

The Global Roots Project; Transforming food and cities through narrative

In Collaboration with the Stop Community Food Centre

The Global Roots Project is an oral history project created in collaboration with members of the Stop Community Food Center’s Global Roots multicultural community garden. The project, an audio documentation of members’ stories, will be displayed both in the garden and in a web-based digital archive in order to illuminate alternative narratives of food, while also reflecting a need for more civic engagement and participation within communities and cities.

The Stop Community Food Center (The Stop) is an anti-poverty organization dedicated to the provision of healthful food, the nurturing of social connections and the promotion of civic engagement. The Stop includes a food bank, drop in service, greenhouse, commercial kitchen, a space for classrooms and a newly developed multicultural community garden, known as Global Roots. The Global Roots garden is comprised of seven plots devoted to different ethnic communities— South Asian, Chinese, Latin American, Filipino, Somalian, Italian and Polish.

Emphasizing narratives of cities and food that are rarely told, the project provides the Global Roots members the opportunity to share their stories. Working with a diverse group of community members and organizers, researchers, activists and academics, this project will benefit from insight on diverse issues such as food sovereignty, community engagement, storytelling and city planning.

For more information on the Stop Community Food Centre and the Global Roots garden, please visit these sites:



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